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 burtondrummerNY - reporting for duty!

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PostSubject: burtondrummerNY - reporting for duty!   Sun Jul 25, 2010 3:49 am


I'm burtondrummerNY, but in real life my name is Conor, and I'm 16. I'm working on ZombieMod, Titans over Europe, and naturally, Imperial Reign.

Currently I'm a skinner, but I'll probably be able to help out with coding. In ZM, I'm the lead developer and coder, in addition to making skins and some models. In ToE, I make models and do skins.

My hobbies include being in the outdoors, shooting/archery, making plastic tank models, and playing sports. In fact, the last two weeks I spent in the Quetico Provincial Park in Canada doing trail maintenance and then paddling 137 miles in a canoe.

Looking forwards to working with you guys.
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burtondrummerNY - reporting for duty!
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