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 doctrine idear

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PostSubject: doctrine idear   doctrine idear I_icon_minitimeSat May 05, 2012 2:59 am

Team: Empire

Doctrine Name: Hunter

Left Tree: Unofficial

1CP- Bounty Hunters
A rag tag group of thugs here to earn some quick cash
(basic group of 5 infantry not as strong a storm troopers however have more utility such as thermal detenators, rudimentary repair, constructing light defences ect.)

2CP- Illegal munitions
Unsafe and untested munitions to give your soldiers that extra edge in firepower
(adds an incendiary effect to all explosive weapons includeing grenades, rocket launchers and AT guns.)

4CP- Elite Bounty Hunters
A well trained and organised group of Bounty Hunters well equiped for all situations
(elite group of 3 mandalorian looking infantry equiped with mid range rifles and jet packs*. They can also shoot rockets from their jetpacks for a munitions cost or be upgraded with dual pistols for increased close range dammage or sniper rifles for long range dammage.)

Right Tree: Official

2CP- Bounty
Places a bounty on the heads of particularly troublesome rebel soldiers
(units marked as bounty and when killed gives the player bonus fuel and munitions depending on the type of unit and its veterency)

2CP- Probe Droid
A probe droid is dropped from orbit to locate the find the rebel scum
(has a large line of sight and an even larger detection radius similar to the vampire halftrack without the resource stealing, designed to counter reble ambushes and cloaked units however has no defence of its own.)

3CP- Assasin Droid
Summons a leathal assasin droid to disrupt the enemy formation and eliminate their leaders
(a single droid armed with a sniper rifle, cloak and an array of traps includeing acid** and emp*. Also could have abilitys like shot that kills vehical gunners or an overcharge increasing rate of fire for a short period of time)

*not sure if there can be implimented into the game but still hopeful

**a recolour of fire for varietys sake
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doctrine idear
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