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 Update 07/12/10

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Update 07/12/10 Empty
PostSubject: Update 07/12/10   Update 07/12/10 I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 13, 2010 4:00 am

Update 07/12/10

New Forums

Hi everybody,
Thanks for your great comments and support for the mod! Welcome to the new forums!. It is less of an eye-sore, easier to organize information, and just overall much nicer.

New Pics

No doubt many of you have seen the menu screens posted in the media section over at ModDB. I hope everyone is pleased with the look, should you choose that UI, that will be the theme feel in-game. That brings me to this:
Multiple Installable UI's - It is a possibility that there may be more than one UI selection for you guys upon installation of the mod. I know for sure that I will include multiple color schemes for you to choose from for this particular theme. Everyone likes more options right?

Quality Assurance

As the mod draws in more folks in, we are getting more developers and people who would like to help. Eventually, it will come to a point in which not everyone will be able to be an member of the core team, so we will have to construct a screening process. Another part of this is not everyone can mod, but there are those out there who still love to help in any way they can.

Therefore I am opening a new position with Nomad at the helm where research and info may be brought to the table in an organized way. Quality Assurance members will be able to play and scrutinize new builds in order to analyze its fun-factor and authenticity so we may be able to get the best out of our project.

Project Leaders

* Project Managers - Bob_Bobber0, Zeridian

Web Site Development

* Lead - Infernozeus

Open Positions

* Modelers - Zeridian, Squatch, WelshManDan, hydrax
* Texturers/Skinners - BurtondrummerNY
* Sound Developer - Bob_Bobber0, gamerisin
* Programmers - BurtondrummerNY, gamerisin, Squatch, imxset21
* Mappers - Position nullified for now.

Quality Assurance Positions: See Nomad.

** On leave due to RL.

New types of positions will appear as mod develops
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Update 07/12/10
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