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PostSubject: Zephon   Zephon I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 19, 2010 2:24 am

And again, a little shorter: Smile

I am 19 years old, graduated, german and highly interested in Design (mostly Graphic and Webdesign).

Recently worked some months part time for an agency, finished the assignment now and waiting for my will and motivation to throw me in again, maybe somewhere in Europe or Asia. But thats life of less interest to you but the main reason i'am still undecided wheter to join this team completely or not. So i leave it to a "Donation" of my work for your mod to not feel to obliged.

Some Background:
The gaming and modding "Industry" got my interest as i saw the Community growing years ago. After my help and work for modification projects like Battlegrounds 2, Lightspire and Star Wars: Total War (Some others too, but most of them were turned down, changed administration or deceased without using my work anymore) i worked for DesuraNET to provide the actual Logotype for the new Development and Apllication Platform Desura. And that's what i mainly do: Logos, various digital Illustrations, Icons or similar information driven Graphics/Design.

But once designed for the gaming industry, you'll never leave it again completely. One reason for me: it's the perfect midway between my love for absolute abstract design, and the bold, edgy, shining world of effects the games and mods can distribute to my work and senses. It is truly an addiction and an "imaginary friend" "whispering", and finding new ways to develop concepts and ideas. Ah, and because it's totally fun!

I currently develop parts of the future ingame interface. For show i only have a quick impression of my personal "Logo"-Idea for Imperial Reign: Link
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