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PostSubject: atis_star_tours's Intro   atis_star_tours's Intro I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 28, 2010 6:47 am

Hello there,

I just found your game and it seems extremely well planned. So, if the mod so needs it, here I am offering my VA services. Here is my past experience in terms of mods:

* Project Kursed: General Peppy Hare, Wolf O'Donnell, Panther Caroso [subject to change] {I am also leading this project as of current date}
* Ultimate Empire at War: Imperial Remnant [this is a Star Wars project]
* 1187: Mike Goldsmith, HBN Announcer, Co-op Announcer
* Distant Recall: Rebel Commander
* Framed: Ian Miller
* Guard Duty: Security Guard 04
* Dark Storm: Brigadier General O'Brian
* Outbreak: Condemned: Scientist
* Last 7 Hours: "Cowboy Guy," "Black Guy" [they were not named...ever]
* Deep Resonance: Alexios, Viktor
* Portal: Combat: NSRB Voice Over
* Half-Life: Short Stories: Human Error: Alien Controllers, Anders [co-op mode]
* Sabotage: Player Character
* Codename: Dead Bird: Sgt. Garcia, Jussaf
* Sigma: V.R.A Shipyard Mainframe, Zevestivan Cruiser
* Crypt: Atis Robear
* Experiment 04: DCI Personnel, DCI Adviser
* FPS Terminator: Marines, Talon
* Command & Conquer 3: The Forgotten: Fissure Tanks
* In Development: The Public

Awaiting Assignment

* Operation Black Mesa
* Portal: Combat
* Triage (on file)
* The Half-Life Parallel
* Half-Life 2: Wars
* Zeitgeist (on file)
* TEAR (on file)
* Development
* The Mortewood Plaza
* Screaming Eagles: Rendezvous with Destiny
* S.T.A.L.K.E.R - City 17
* Capture Point: London
* Epidemic
* Operation: Pandora
* Star Wars: Galaxy at War
* Spectate

In terms of videos, I have done small things on "If Only the Empire Had a Tartan" and "Hospital Shootout 2," as of now. Also I've been cast for Earth-Link ZERO.

In audio stories/dramas:

* Eve of Change - Sage
* Timekeepers - Fredrick Fleet

* F. Scott Fitzgerald's Winter Dreams [I'm leading this]
* The Outcasts of Poker Flat

I also have a sample of my work, a recording of Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" done in various voice types.

I also write for games. Ones I have written for Screaming Eagles, Project Kursed, Global Incursion, and Star Wars: Galaxy at War. I have also written several concepts such as Autonom, Sedition Acts, Albategnius, and Sea of Glass. Here is a sample of my writing style: [Also note that I would love to do a few of these concepts provided I can get people with experience in the UDK engine, and maybe even the CoH engine if I knew exactly how to work with it]

In composing, I have worked on 1187 and am being considered for Dune: War of the Spice and Epidemic. Here is a sample of that work: I will soon get a more action-like piece up. But also take note that due to the summer months, I will be unable to compose until school starts again. [For this I am not offering my services as a composer because the Romantic Period Classical-style isn't exactly the way I work; I mainly use a combination I term "S&S," known as "Synths and Strings."]

Thank you for your time.

Ian "atis_star_tours" Wiese
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atis_star_tours's Intro
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